Simply Natural Vitamin CEven a child knows the importance of natural minerals and vitamins in the human body. Vitamin C has always been regarded as a vitamin much essential for human body. New studies have revealed new applications of the vitamin. According to the latest researches, it protects the human body from endothelial dysfunction, heart diseases, high blood pressure etc. It is also beneficial in preventing cancer, asthma and controlling blood sugar levels.

Vitamin C improves one’s cardiac conditions. It is effective especially for oxidative damage, atherosclerosis, inflammation etc. In the primary stages of atherosclerosis, white blood cells are often found to migrate and getting stick to the wall of the endothelium. When this process starts, the vessels become thicker and they lose their elasticity which invites atherosclerosis. Ample of vitamin C helps to normalize the molecule which the white blood cells use to adhere to the endothelium. It implies that through the supplementation with vitamin C, scientists regulated how certain genes generate essential proteins in order to reduce the chances of cardiovascular diseases at the molecular level.

Some important notes about vitamin C

  1. It is a potent antioxidant which is used hugely in the prevention of diseases and building of health.
  2. Every stage in Atherosclerosis is greatly benefitted from the antioxidant feature of vitamin C. Vitamin C supplements reduce the damage of cellular DNA which is the vital step in the initiation of cancer. It also improves inflammatory changes which permit a malignant cell to take the dangerous form of a tumor.
  3. Vitamin C reduces the exercise-induced oxidative damage.
  4. It also helps to better the respiratory problems.
  5. Vitamin C improves the stomach diseases as well.

From this discussion, it is clear that how important Vitamin C is for the human body. Many fresh fruits and vegetables contain vitamin C. But if these vegetables and fruits have been grown with the help of excessive synthetic products, then the natural qualities of the vitamin will be destroyed. Therefore, natural vitamin supplements can be really beneficial for health conscious people.

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