Natural vitamins and minerals are important not only for human beings but for cats and dogs as well.  Therefore, the pets should be given natural food. But it is important to consider some factors while choosing the right kind of natural food for the pets. These factors are:


It should be remembered that foods which are less processed and fresh are always good for your pets’ health. Processed foods lose their nutrients during the entire processing. So, you should try to give them fresh food.


Dogs and cats both belong to the carnivores. So it is obvious the main food in their diet is meat. Grains are only the secondary sources of protein. Cats do not like grains at all. Higher grain and carbohydrate content can drive your pet to excessive weight gain and other health issues.

Vegetables and fruits:

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fruits and vegetables

Vegetables and fruits have vitamins and antioxidants. Therefore, fruits and vegetables should be kept in the diet of

your pet. These are vital especially for dogs. The carnivore features are very dominating in the cats that vegetables and fruits can be proved smaller for them.


It is very beneficial to feed your pet different types of food. Each food has different nutrients. You can follow a rotational diet chart to feed your pets every type of food. You can try different flavors of the same brand food. If you would have to eat same cornflakes daily, what would be your reaction? Yes, same is the case with your pets. They also get bored and need variety, something healthy yet tasty.


Supplements are also very important for your pet’s growth. Various ingredients such as natural minerals and vitamins must be there in the pet foods. Petlife is a perfect pet food which meets with your pet’s requirements. Petlife is made for complete joint, coat and health care for dogs and cats. provides healthy natural vitamins and minerals for your pets at affordable ranges. To know more about this pet product, feel free to mail here at