Natural vitamins and minerals are equally important for the human body. Many people focus only on vitamins and ignore minerals. But the lack of minerals can drag one to danger. Minerals take an active part in metabolism. The human body does not generate all the minerals it requires. Therefore, you need to take it from outside. Everything is changing with the advancement of the time, even the genetic structure of the plants. Today, farmers use excessive chemicals to grow more vegetables in a short time. It deteriorates the levels of vitamins and minerals in fruits and vegetables. Various researchers have shown that the fruits and the vegetables have lost most of their nutritional qualities over the 50 years.

Mineral is required to combat diseases such as obesity. Some important mineral supplements both for children and adult are chromium copper, magnesium, magnesium, manganese, potassium, zinc, chloride, sodium, boron, and calcium. It is true that the best source of minerals can be found in whole foods as they contain a high amount of nutrition, and fibre. As it has been mentioned earlier that most of the vegetables and fruits have lost their beneficial qualities, now you can get minerals in the forms of tablets, powder or syrup, these are easily absorbed by the digesting system of the human body and are immensely beneficial as well.

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